Green Card!

So…I start a blog that promises a daily dose (so maybe I bit off a little too much! 🙂 )… but I do have good reason for the month hiatus. My Dutch inspiration FINALLY GOT HIS GREEN CARD!! Yep, you heard that right…after years apart, mounds of paper work, and waiting 14 months for government approval – I get a full time husband (ColoradoDutchie)! 13 days (but who’s counting!) of living here and he’s experienced his first Super Bowl, the Alpine World Ski Championships, fireworks, and watched American Sniper and Sons of Liberty (can’t start studying early enough for that citizenship test!). Oh…and just to get a little domesticated – we bought a new couch. 🙂 I have a feeling I will now be inspired on a daily basis… LIFE IS GOOD.

Alpine World Ski Championship

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