The Art of Mastering Dutch Stairs

I’m not sure how…but somehow I’ve survived months of living in the Netherlands without falling down the stairs! From my first visit there 3 years ago, I’ve been commenting (ok… maybe that’s not quite a strong enough word 🙂 ) on the stairs there. Yes, yes I understand it’s a small country and space is an issue. The steepness isn’t the only problem – it’s the width of the step, which are always very narrow. Come on – these are the tallest people in the world (fact!)… which correlates with BIG feet! I’m used to running face forward down stairs! I had to learn the technique of the side step going down, and actually using the hand rail! (Thanks Stefan, it’s one dance you’re a master at!) Now going up, that’s another story. I’m trying to envision carrying my daughter when she was a baby up these -and of course with groceries in tow too. With bicycles as the preferred form of transportation and stairs like these – who needs the gym living in this country!


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