Birthday Calendars – Where do they Belong?!

Birthdays have been on my mind this week, as one of my nieces is turning the big 21 (ok – not so exciting in Nederland since she’s way past the legal drinking age there!). So, back to this important question of where do most people keep birthday reminders. Address books, contacts on your phone, reminder apps, calendars in our offices… all seem logical, normal – but nope! According to the Dutchies, a birthday calendar’s home is in the bathroom (oh wait-don’t call it the bathroom… but that’s another story)! The first time I saw a calendar in the bathroom in NL I thought ok, that’s different. I had no idea everyone there decorates their bathrooms with birthdays! It must be a Dutch law. 🙂 If anyone is in the know, please enlighten me as to how this started. Here’s your proof – the birthday calendar in my mother in law’s house!

Birthday Calendar

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