Windmills & Selfies

     Windmill near Barneveld

It’s  National Mill Day in the Netherlands this weekend so I’d like to honor it with sharing our attempts at selfies with windmills. Keep in mind it’s why they are called windmills… located in windy areas… so we have to embrace our wild hair in these selfies! During my first summer in Barneveld, we biked (ooh that makes me feel so Dutch!) past a beautiful one… and being my first extended stay there we definitely had to document this one! Nice blue skies, throw in some Dutch clouds…and one can almost see two of the blades.

Zaanse Schans

During a spring visit I wanted to be a tourist, so we visited Zaanse Schans. Dreary day, but can see more blades in this one!


In Ameland one summer visit, we took many attempts at the windmill selfie…dodging rain drops and other tourists. Hmm… but didn’t succeed at capturing the Dutch flag that was flying off the back!

Friesland windmill

In Friesland, we thought we’d try another technique. Ok, maybe the horizon isn’t level (my hubby’s biggest pet peeve in photography!) but we captured the entire windmill! Success! 🙂

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