Happy Dutch-American Friendship Day!

Stefan and I are doing our part in keeping Dutch/American relations strong!

Dutch American Barneveld

I learned a little background about this day… The Netherlands was the first country to recognize (even if unofficially) the independence of the United States (yeah Dutchies!)! When John Adams bought a house in the Hague, it became the first US Embassy in the World (who knew?!). In 1982 President Reagan proclaimed April 19 as Dutch-American Friendship Day!

And most importantly… on July 12, 2014 the Dutch and American flags were flying together outside the Kasteel de Schaffelaar in Barnevelds, NL!

Love (and American size hugs!) and XXX (3 Dutch kisses) to all my family and friends in the Netherlands!

Dutch American




  1. Edith

    First of all, I’m glad I ran into this site. I’ve shared it with some of my family that are younger than me because they are so interested in their Dutch Heritage and that is important. I was born in Rotterdam and came to the US in 1957 and enjoy connecting with the history and the customs of my Birth place. I look forward to seeing more posts from this site. Thank you.

    • Kris

      Welcome Edith and thanks for sharing your story! My husband is from The Netherlands and just moved to the U.S. two years ago. After meeting Stefan and spending more time in The Netherlands I became interested in their country, cultures, etc… You’ve inspired me to start sharing more again! 🙂 (If interested, I also post some stories about The Netherlands on my business site http://www.TravelbyKris.net). Thanks for reading!

  2. Edith

    Looking forward to future connections with this site and who knows, maybe I will be able to travel to The Netherlands in the near future. I am an American citizen and have lived here most of my life. However, this has not diminished my desire to look back to my birth place. I am so proud of my heritage that has molded me to who I am. We grew up with strong ethical values that were passed on to the next generation. Just a few to mention, is work hard, be honest, treat others with respect and foremost, thank God everyday for our blessings and to be a good example to others. Thank you for letting me share this.

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