Celebrating Dutch-American Heritage Day!

Today we celebrate Dutch-American Heritage Day in the U.S.! President Bush declared this day in 1991 to honor the long standing friendship between the United States and The Netherlands. (Read President Bush’s Proclamation here from November 14, 1991 declaring November 16, 1991 officially as “Dutch-American Heritage Day”.) Don’t confuse this with Dutch-American Friendship Day which is in April (read about that here)! 🙂 On November 16, 1776 a small American warship sailed into the harbor of the Dutch island of St. Eustatius in the West Indies. It was greeted with a friendly cannon salute and The Netherlands became the first foreign power to recognize the United States’ flag!

Since The Netherlands founded New Amsterdam in the 17th Century – our two countries ties have remained close. Besides being the first country to recognize the United States’ independence, the Dutch and Americans have fought side by side during several wars and conflicts and are also allies in NATO.

Dutch-American is the daily theme in our house since my husband is Dutch and I’m the American half! We’re doing our part in keeping the US and The Netherlands relationship strong! 😉 As seen in the photo above – both our flags were flown at our wedding party at the Kasteel de Schaffelaar in my husband’s home town of Barneveld, in the summer of 2014.

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