My favorite village in the Netherlands! I will be sharing many things about Barneveld –  this is one of the best views there. It’s worth the climb up the tower!

My Dutch Cow

I know…you all wish you had your own Dutch Cow! Ok…technically I don’t own her (I didn’t win a cow ski racing like Lindsey Vonn) but since my first visit to the Netherlands I claimed her as mine. I grew up in Iowa, so it’s not like I haven’t seen …

Hometown Restaurants-Iowa & NL

Crispy Hot Chicken Burger or Patty Melt…I wouldn’t be able to choose between my favorite home town restaurants Barnies Family or Villager Restaurant. If you grew up in Barneveld or Storm Lake (Dutchies-this is my hometown in Iowa)…these were the places to meet friends and now the comfort food we …

Broodje Gezond

My favorite Dutch lunch-a broodje gezond! I have eaten these all over the Netherlands-at lunch cafés, gas stations and my favorite at Intratuin! Best sandwich combo…isn’t the same at home without the Dutch cheese and bread! 🙂

The Netherlands or Holland?

My first important Dutch topic is my quest for the world to stop calling it Holland! It’s The Netherlands (or Nederland if you’d like to learn some Dutch)! As you can see from the map, Holland is only a small portion of this country. In defense of the rest of …